7/7/19: Check this sheet to see what other parents and kids RSVP’d so far. Feel free to contact other parents to coordinate logistics.

3/18/19 Eric: “We are going to add much more details about the itinerary, facilities, etc. so you can decide:

  • Should I bring my kids?

  • If I do, will I be able to feed, let them nap quietly, bathe them play fetch with them?

There will be at least one sitter there. During activities, there will be other adults helping you watch your kiddo. There will of course be a bar nearby. Currently ~25 kids of all ages are attending (newborn to 12 years old).



Structured Activities for Kids:

  • Friday: Scavenger Hunt (Kids 3 and up)

  • Organized excursions to go apple picking, maple syrup store

Unstructured Activities for Kids:

  •  Playground

  • Bouncy Castle

  • Hang out by the pond and creek

  • Hiking

  • Game room (e.g., ping pong, board games, foosball)

  • Library / cafe: little booths, books, etc.

I should probably stop picking these types of photos. There are legit facilities. You won’t have to bathe your baby in the river.

  • Ecolodge Room #3 has a bath tub that is available to any parents looking to bathe children. Coordinate with Allison Virgil during your stay.

  • There are coin-operated washer and driers in the Ecolodge lounge.

  • There is a playground, pond, creek, fields, tennis court, basketball court, baseball diamond. We will set up a bouncy castle.