Stuff to Bring for the Weekend

Many activities will be outside, including our ceremony and farm dinner. Early October is typically sunny with comfortable, but cooler temperatures in the low- to mid- 60’s. The staff at Common Ground Center said that the weather is typically perfect Fall weather (not too hot, not too cold), and that October seems to get a bit warmer each year.

However, there is always the risk that it can be on the chillier side, especially with a less occasional rain. Bring plenty of layers and keep an eye on the forecast. Suggested items to bring for your comfort, most apply to those staying on-site:



Ceremony and Reception
Rustic elegance. Casual, but dress to impress.

We will often be outside so avoid heels and expensive shoes.

Casual, everyday wear
For activities and meals aside from the ceremony and reception.

Extra layers
Long-sleeves, sweaters, sweat shirts, jackets, hat, gloves, thick socks.


If staying in rustic cabins
Sheets for twin size bed, pillow, blanket or sleeping bag.

If you are concerned with bringing this stuff, we will help!
Contact and we will work this out for you.


Athletic Wear
If you plan to hike, run, play.

Swim trunks
There is a pond.

Hiking Boots
If you plan to hike.

If you plan on making a day trip to Canada, bring your passport!


Linens & Towel
We plan to provide bedding and towels but not a pillow.

If you are staying in a cabin, we will provide toiletries. Bring anything special for your specific needs.

Phone Battery Pack / Charger
There will be facilities to charge your phone, but you might want to bring a battery.

Water bottle
Please bring your personal water bottle to refill



Oct 2019 forecasted temperature High / Low (based on historical averages):

  • Thu, Oct 3: 65° / 42°

  • Fri, Oct 4: 65° / 42°

  • Sat, Oct 5: 64° /41°

  • Sun, Oct 6: 64° /41°

See more details here.

Sun Light

Sunrise and sunset times:

  • Thu, Oct 3: 6:50 am / 6:28 pm

  • Fri, Oct 4: 6:51 am / 6:26 pm

  • Sat, Oct 5: 6:53 am / 6:24 pm

  • Sun, Oct 6: 6:54 am / 6:22 pm

See more details here.

All data above updated as of March 9, 2019.